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Sackmaker’s FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are specifically designed for the bulk packing & movement of aggregate and other loose products. Our Bulk Bags come in a variety of sizes with fill and discharge options.

Fill & Discharge Options

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FIBC bulk sacks are an excellent way to move large quantities of aggregates, seeds, feeds, powders, minerals & a broad range of loose or granular products. Integral loops mean no pallets & FIBC’s carry over 1000 times their own weight. Dickson sacks have been manufacturing woven sacks for nearly 100 years and making Tonne bags since the 1980’s, our factory produces a wide range of specifications designed & certified to 1000kgs with capacities from 0.5 to 2.0 cubic mtrs - we can also make to order up to 3.0 cubic mtrs & 2000kgs. We make big bags with dustproof seams, polythene lined bulk sacks, tonne sacks with filling chutes & discharge spouts, single loop sacks, bulk bags with mesh sides for packing logs or tote bags with vented material for packing potatoes. Jumbo bags can be easily handled by forklift, crane or even Helicopter & compactly stored when not in use. Sackmaker are specialists in bulk bags and can offer advice on buying tonne bags for all applications, as one of the last remaining UK manufacturers selling sacks that we understand how to make rather than just being a bag distributor – this also means you save money buying bags direct from the manufacturer.

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