Helibag® Helicopter Lifting Bags

Specially designed for Helicopter lifting operations. Widely used across the UK and Ireland by Helicopter companies, civil engineers & the National Trust.

• Heavy duty for multiple trips
• Extra long lifting loops for single point lift & aerodynamic flight
• Made to order special sizes to lift awkward shapes
• Optional reinforced liners

• Standard size 95x95x95cm
• 1200kgs SWL
• 6:1 Safety Factor
• Complies to British and European standard EN ISO 21898
• Helibag® safety label & official operator guidelines for safe use

Also available SWL 1200kgs made from Black fabric, webbing & stitching to lessen visual impact.

Helibags being used for flood prevention (BBC News) >

Helicopter lifting bags or Helibags® are specialized FIBC bulk bags designed specifically for use in Helicopter lifting operations. Widely used across the UK and Ireland for transporting stone to rebuild mountain paths, removing brash from hillsides, pylon work & transporting materials to remote islands or lighthouses, our chopper bags have become the industry standard for helicopter lifting operations. Unlike standard builders sacks, our Heli bags are designed to be single point lifted multiple times and fly aerodynamically, ensuring safe operation, saving time & fuel. Helicopter sacks can be supplied with special Geotextile liners for lifting sharp objects and we make special sized bags to lift specific items such as power cable isolators & scaffolding poles.

Helibag® Helicopter Lifting Bags

Helibag® Helicopter Lifting Bags

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